Pedro Heredia

International Lawyer

International Law Specialist

Pedro Heredia Ortiz


Law degree from the University of Alicante, specialising in international law. Expert in international consultancy (legal, financial and tax) with extensive knowledge of international markets. He advises on attracting investments and companies to Spain, ranging from real estate investments, immigration, international taxation, as well as private-international matters such as cross-border divorces and inheritances. Expert in international litigation. He advises professional sportsmen and women on legal and tax matters.

«The world has definitely changed. Now it is a much more complex place, where everything is interconnected and it is increasingly difficult to make the right decisions».

Pedro Heredia

International Lawyer

Founding partner of Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers in Alicante

Member of the Alicante Bar Association.

Participant in Panel of the London Court of International Arbitration

Vice-President of the International Law Section of the Bar Association of Spain

Areas of specialisation

More than 20 years of experience in answering customers’ questions

Civil Law

Guidance and advice on rights and obligations in matters such as contracts, leases, inheritance, purchase and sale, divorce and child custody, among others.

Real estate

Advice as a lawyer in the different areas of real estate activity: purchase and sale of real estate, leases, development and construction contracts and real estate financing.

International Commerce

Advising foreign investors in residential tourism and commercial companies with interests in Spain and to Spanish companies in their internationalisation


Complete consultancy service in commercial law in Alicante, covering all stages, from the incorporation of companies to their liquidation.


Establishment of rules for the structure, organisation and dissolution of families, as well as for the rights and duties of their members.

FIFA Agent

Legal and tax advice to sportsmen and women, artists and entities operating in the sports and entertainment sectors