Co-founder of Pellicer & Heredia

With a degree in Law from the University of Alicante, Pedro Heredia Ortiz is a lawyer specialising in international law, advising companies and individuals for more than 20 years.

Along with Ignacio Pellicer Moll√°, they founded the law firm Pellicer & Heredia with the commitment to achieve satisfactory results and meet their clients’ objectives with the utmost integrity, honesty and transparency.

  • Specialist in commercial contracts consultancy, with outstanding ability to approach complex legal situations with insight and precise focus.
  • Experienced in dispute resolution and private international legal cases, with a specialised focus on cross-border litigation.
  • Frequent speaker at international conferences on immigration and nationality.
"We know how to provide answers to all the questions that our clients have, based on our in-depth knowledge of international law and the Spanish legal and tax situation.

International Lawyer

Civil Law

Comprehensive and personalised advice on legal rights and responsibilities in a variety of areas, including contracts, leases, inheritance, commercial transactions, separations and custody arrangements, among others.

  • Evictions
  • Flight cancellations or delays
  • Mortgage expenses
  • Bank Claims

Real estate

Specialised legal advisory services in all areas related to the real estate sector: negotiation of sales and purchases, management of leases, drafting of development and construction contracts, as well as financing for real estate projects.

Study of all the information on the land, promoter and promotion until the purchase of the property.

International Commerce

Advising international investors interested in the residential and commercial tourism sector in Spain, as well as Spanish companies expanding their operations internationally.

  • International sales contracts.
  • International IT contracts
  • Competition law
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Pre-contractual agreements.


Trade and business activities are constantly evolving and commercial law must adapt to new economic and technological realities.

Personalised advice on activities related to the production, distribution and circulation of goods and services destined for the market.

  • Company law
  • Foreign exchange law
  • Insolvency law


Establishment of rules for the structure, organisation and dissolution of families, as well as for the rights and duties of their members.

  • Inheritance and wills
  • Family business
  • International family law
  • International divorces
  • Family mediation

FIFA Agent

Legal advice to clubs, sports limited companies, sports associations, federations and sportsmen and women, as well as other entities and companies related to the sports sector.

  • Tax advice
  • Commercial advice
  • Procedural advice
  • Advising investment funds